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The fit and forget submersible pump!
Our components incorporate features, which ensure smooth operation and longer life. One can install a submersible pumpset and simply forget about it!

Components used are made of corrosion-free materials.
• Pump shaft is of stainless steel.
• Impellers are either of engineering plastic Glass Filled Noryl (for 1OO MM) or of    stainless steel (for 15O, 175 and 2OO MM).
• Suction strainer is also of stainless steel.

Wear and Tear is minimized.
• Impellers are dynamically balanced to Precision Grade.
• Bearing Bushes are used at multiple locations for better alignment.
• Wear Rings made of Bronze / other metals are provided at every stage.
• For better protection against Water Hammer, Non-return Valve is spring loaded.

Rubber Parts:
• Rubber Parts are made of special Rubbers to prevent swelling against aggressive Borewell water.

Engineering Plastic Components:
• We use Glass Filled Noryl and components are moulded in-house on microprocessor based injection moulding machine. This ensures reliability of genuine material and perfect profiles of hydraulic parts.

Spline Coupling:
• Pump assemblies are supplied with Spline Coupling. So they are compatible with any International Brand of Submersible Motor.