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  • Automatic Switching on/off motor pump.
  • Saves over-flow and spillage od water.
  • No burning of motor due to dry running amd airlocking.
  • Requires no attendent and maintenance.
  • Display level of water in the Tank.
  • Compatible with Timer for real time operations.
  • Saves Valtage

  • It Shows levels of water through out of the day.
  • When the tank is filled up to 1/4 level the lower most LED, glow up.
  • When the tank is filled up to 1/2 level the 2nd LED, glow up.
  • When the tank is filled up to 3/4 level the 3rd LED, glow up.
  • When the tank is full continous Alarm Sound with 4th LED, glow up.

  • Real Time Based Pump Activation.
  • Water Level Indicator (4 Stage).
  • In Built Electronic Clock (24 Hr. format) with Alarm.
  • User settable 4 pump time setting.
  • Programmable pumping parameters
  • User friendly menu selection.
  • Internal battery back up.
  • Protection against Dry running og pumps / Prevents overflow from tank.
  • Pumping & Tank / Process status reporting on backlit LCD + Audible singnals to indicate Inlet Dry, Tank ????, Tank Full.
  • Maintenance Free Sensors.
  • On line sensor check.
  • Generates reports for last Pumping Action.
  • Easy to install
  • Saves Water & Electricity
  Dimensions Weight

Sensor Volt

Sensor Type Input Voltage Power
21x10x4.5 cms
1.25 KG
200 to 240 VAC
6 Watt


The GUARDIAN consists of a polypropylene housing with an integrated watertight and position dependent electromechanical microswitch. The unit works according to the lift principle. The hollow float is raised (lowered) by the rising (falling) liquid until it reaches an angle of 45 from horizontal when switching takes place. The mercury free float switch can be mounted to the tank/container via a through hole such as a 1/2" cable gland from the tank top.

The switch point is defined by manipulating placement of a supplied ballast weight on the connecting cable or by inserting cable through a tube of desired length.

The GUARDIAN is suitable for level monitoring of compatible liquids and, due to the high contact rating of 10 (8) Amps, 250V, for direct pump control. It is well applied for potable water applications as well as heavily polluted media.

  • Low Cost
  • Vertical or Horizontal Mounting
  • Simple Installation
  • General Use, Oils, Chemicals, Gasoline, Grease